Bears on Brooks River

Grizzly Bears feeding at Brooks Falls

August 23rd, 2009
Brooks Falls 2 por Rhonda2327.

Grizzly Bears feeding at Brooks Falls in the Katmai National Park, Alaska. At times dozens of bears can be seen gorging on the sockeye salmon swimming upstream on their way to their spawning grounds. Photo by Brian Ronda (CCL). See also this rather amusing video:

Bear watching in Katmai National Park

July 22nd, 2009

Every year millions of salmon arrive from the Bering Sea into the lakes and streams of Katmai National Park. These fish provide a food source for the world’s largest population of brown bears.This is a great place for observing one of the world’s great wildlife spectacles.¬† Brooks Falls is only a short walk from Katmailand’s Brooks Lodge. As many as fifty bears can be watched fishing along the short stretch of Brooks River during the peak of the salmon season. Note Driving to Brooks Lodge is not possible as there are no roads and the lodge is only¬† accessible by air only.