Brown bears

Volunteer work with bears in Romania

August 27th, 2009

Romania with its vast tracts of mountains and forests is home to about 60% of Europe’s brown bears. The vast majority live undisturbed, but an unlucky few are kept in captivity and used as tourist attractions in restaurants or circuses. Luckily, it is now illegal in Romania to keep a wild animal in captivity, but you can’t simply release bears that have been physically and mentally damaged by captivity. They will usually have been captured as cubs, so will have had little experience of surviving in the wild.

The World Society for the Protection of Animals has recently built a sanctuary near Brasov which will enable captive bears to be re-homed in 10 hectares of forest. Where possible, young bears will be rehabilitated and returned to the wild. As a volunteer you’ll be helping with a wide range of tasks, including feeding the bears, monitoring their progress, helping at the ‘bear hospital’, maintaining fences and facilities and showing visitors around.

From £895 (1-12 weeks) including flights from the UK. Price includes interview & placement briefing day.

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Brown bear tracking in Bulgaria

August 27th, 2009

Bulgaria is one of the best places for watching brown bears in Europe with a population of some 600-800 bears. This short holiday offers you the chance to see bears in Bulgaria. Bear sightings are not guaranteed though they reckon you have a 90% chance of observing wild brown bears during the best periods (full moon periods are strongly recommended). An exciting tour dedicated to observing wild brown bears in their hunting territories, without fences, without human interference  in the heart of the most unspoilt part of the Rodopi Mountains.

The guides use hides that are specially arranged for watching brown bears. You will spend a few hours after sunset and before sunrise or a whole night waiting for the bear to appear. If lucky we may enjoy a mother with cubs or solitary males and other nocturnal wildlife too. The bears are usually seen from 30-50 meters.

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Bear watching holiday in Romania

August 27th, 2009

Romania offers great opportunities for bear watching and is one of the best wildlife watching destinations in Europe. Spend a week exploring the more remote areas of Piatra Craiului National Park in the Carpathian mountains. The area, clad in healthy pine forests, is home to the highest concentration of wolves, bears and lynx in Europe and remains an area of interest for researchers and wildlife enthusiasts alike. We will spend days tracking mammals on foot with an award winning expert guide, as well as visiting and interacting with the traditional farming communities of the region. Read more

The guide sounds excellent:

Dan Marin grew up in Zarnesti and has been leading wildlife and cultural trips in the region since 2000. Dan was involved with the Carpathian Large Carnivore Project for three years and has lectured on conservation and wildlife issues to universities from Sweden as well as at schools in Bucharest. Dan speaks fluent English and is a licensed wildlife guide. His knowledge and enthusiast earned him the Wanderlust Guide of the Year award in 2007 and articles on the work that he has been involved with have featured in the Sunday Times and the independent amongst many others

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Bear watching holiday in Slovakia

August 26th, 2009

This eight-day bear tracking trip in Slovakia looks great fun. You’l work with the expert guides and rangers who lead the High Tatras bear project, you will search not only for bears, but also wolves, wildcats and more. Accommodation is in remote mountain cottages, usually reserved only for park rangers. These cottages offer immediate access to prime wildlife areas. You will be fully integrated in this study, with access to all the latest data collected and you will also be able to track the movements of the study bears wearing GPS transmitters. You’ll also have access to the Bielskie Tatry (White Tatras), an area usually off-limits to the public and strictly controlled as a National Park. Included in the price is a sizeable contribution which goes directly to bear conservation in Slovakia. All in a all a worthwhile and fun way of spending a long week.

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Brown bear watching trip in Finland

August 26th, 2009

The vast taiga forest of Finland are still home to sizeable numbers of brown bears. Heading deep into the forest to specially prepared observation hides, the organisers aim to spot this amazing animal in its natural habitat during this exciting long weekend. You’l travel east towards the Russian border. The proximity of this area to the Arctic Circle, with resultant long hours of daylight increases the chances of viewing these predominantly nocturnal animals. Our isolated hides, located in a small open wetland area, have been adapted to maximize the chances of spotting bears, whilst balancing the needs for a level of comfort. As well as bears, sightings of elk, fox and wolverines are also possible. Trips are accompanied by a local naturalist guide.

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Bear watching in Finland

July 24th, 2009
Brown Bears
There are a number of possibilities for watching brown bears in Finland.

Brown bear watching in Finland. Observe European Brown Bears. Sparsely populated Eastern Finland is an untamed expanse of pristine natural beauty. The vast, dense taiga forest, interspersed with lakes and rivers, offers a haven to the elusive European brown bear. Heading deep into the forest to specially prepared observation hides, we aim to spot this amazing animal in its natural habitat during this exciting long weekend.

Bear watching in Finland – trip report (The Independent)

“Exciting four-day tour, running throughout Finland’s high summer months, provides a three-night stay at a wonderful Wilderness Centre, lying in a quiet taiga forest along the Russian border. Here, you have the option of spending one or two nights in a specially constructed log cabin that has been designed as a bear hide.” Finland – A Wildlife Photography Tour Naturetrek
Short break to see Brown Bears, Reindeer, wolves, owls and birds. Stay in lodges and hides. Excellent photo opportunities. European Wildlife Holiday – Bears in Finland

Squiver photo trips

“Photograph Wild Brown Bears in Finland with us! See cubs climb trees when they get frightened by a bigger bear and watch huge males roam through the Taiga forest. A perfect location for a Squiver Photo Trip! Join wildlife & nature photographer Marsel van Oosten and come back with great pictures. Visit and sign up for the Wild Brown Bears Photo Trip, learning the tricks from a professional.”

More Brown bear watching in Finland

Rather nice images video here fo these trips.

Tracking brown bears in Slovakia

July 22nd, 2009

Account of tracking brown bears in Slovakia’s High Tatras. The High Tatras are the highest part of the Carpathian mountain range. Current estimates reckon there are about 800 brown bears in the High Tatras. Thanks to enlightened protection policies in the 1930s and the creation of Tatra national park in 1948, the bears here have survived, while in the rest of Europe the were decimated by hunting. Read about this guided tour in the Guardian