Elephants in Kenya

Kenya drought hits elephants hard

September 9th, 2009 The drought afflicting Kenya at present is having a serious effect on the country’s elephants, in addition to the Kenyan population, 3.8 million of whom are are at risk and need emergency food aid. Zoologist Iain Douglas-Hamilton, who founded Save the Elephants, said the drought is the worst he has seen in 12 years and poses a serious threat to the large and majestic animals. “”It may be related to climate change, and the effect is elephants, particularly the young and the old, have began to die”. Associated Press Elephants are not endangered in Kenya, which supports a population of 23,000, and fewer than 100 have died from the drought — but wildlife experts say they are concerned, and are hoping seasonal rains come this October and November. See also: Severe drought hits Kenya