The lowest point in Africa

February 11th, 2011 | by Nick |

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Lake Assal in the bleak Afar Depression in Djibouti, is the lowest point in Africa,  at 155m below sea level, and is also considered the  most saline body of water in the world  outside Antarctica (note, the Dead Sea is not the saltiest), with a remarkable 34.8 percent salt concentration. The area is wild and desert-like, and thee is no wildlife  or flora in the lake’s soup-like waters. Image by Fishercd More from Wikipedia

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Lake Assal – Djibouti”, BBC Science and Nature

Lake Assal sits at the top of the Great Rift Valley in the Danakil Desert where summer temperatures sometimes reach 52°C and are accompanied by strong drying winds. To the right of the lake is a glistening white plain which was once part of the lake floor. The lake has now evaporated to leave a vast expanse of salt. The Afar people of Sudan make their living by mining and trading this valuable commodity.

Why Africa’s Lake Assalis the Saltiest on Earth?

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