Walking safaris in the Serengeti

July 22nd, 2010 | by Nick |

Walking safaris is the most exciting way of watching wildlife in Africa. The concept is new to Tanzania’s National Parks, and only a few companies have permission to enter this park on foot. An armed and qualified walking guide and an armed ranger from the National Park must join every walk.

My friends at Wayo Africa run walking safaris in the Serengeti offer to take you into the most remote corners of the Serengeti National Park to explore the park on foot. They note:

All walking activities in Tanzanian National Parks happen inside the demarcated wilderness zones. The area we walk in is a massive and remote area and mainly consists of gentle rolling hills with small streams and springs in the valleys and small grassland plans surrounded by sparse acacia forests. Big granite outcrops called kopjes give the area a great feel and look and make for great campsites.

Being an area of varied eco-zones and vegetation types it is home to all of Africa’s mammals and a huge variety of birds and reptiles. Since visibility is generally good walking is safe and wildlife watching good. “Walking wildlife watching,” means looking at animals from a distance. Animals are nervous with people on foot and close up viewing is not possible and not advisable on a walk.

Video of their walks here

Guide to wild Tanzania here

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