Watching wildlife in the UK in November

A to Z of a Wildlife Garden “The berries in your garden are a feast for birds, while song thrushes and blackbirds become more noticeable, venturing onto lawns searching for worms and fallen fruit. Small flocks of greenfinches can be a common sight at birdtables, sometimes queuing up with chaffinches and sparrows to take a turn at feeders.”

When to Watch Wildlife – November – Excellent page which recommends the following:

  • Last Autumn colours in the hedgerows and woodlands
  • Bird flocks in wetlands and estuaries
  • Arrival of redwings, fieldfares and waxwings
  • Atlantic salmon moving to spawning grounds
  • Fungi in woodlands and grasslands

National Trust Wildlife CalendarStoats in the north moult their russet summer coats, and take on white ermine fur for winter camouflage. Grey seals can be seen giving birth to their pups in November. With their soft, white, furry coats they can be spotted along the west, north and north-eastern coasts”