Watching wildlife in the UK in October

October is the month when Autumnwatch is aired in the UK. Wikipedia + Springwatch – BBC

A to Z of a Wildlife Garden “A bird-friendly garden should be full of seeds, nuts and berries at this time of year. You might spot a jay scouting around for somewhere to bury fallen acorns and hazelnuts. If you let seedheads form on flowers and weeds such as teasels and thistles you’ll attract finches, perhaps even brightly coloured goldfinches.”

When to Watch Wildlife – October – Excellent page which recommends the following:

  • Autumn colours in the hedgerows and woodlands
  • Bird migration sites
  • Estuaries for the return of over wintering birds
  • Hedgerows for berries, late butterflies and small birds
  • Fungi in woodlands and grasslands

National Trust Wildlife CalendarConkers and acorns are dropping and the nights are drawing in. This is the traditional time for animals and insects to begin hibernation, but as the climate changes more species are remaining active for longer. Great crested newts come out onto the land to hibernate, dormice hibernate in their nests, and butterflies will sometimes come into houses for a warm place to hide.”