Watching wildlife in the UK in February

A to Z of a Wildlife Garden – ”February (RSPB) Birds such as sparrows, blue tits, chaffinches and greenfinches will be happy to use hanging feeders. For ground feeders, such as blackbirds, thrushes and starlings, you could scatter food under the bird table.”

When to Watch Wildlife – Feburary – Excellent page which recommends the following:

  • Frog spawn in ponds
  • Hazel catkins opening out
  • Bird flocks in wetlands and estuaries
  • Redwings, fieldfares and waxwings
  • Birds visiting the bird table & hanging feeders

Wildlife Watch – Winter “The coldest winter weather and highest chance of snow is often in January and February. Most trees have lost their leaves and we see the shape of their trunks and branches  most clearly in winter. Large numbers of migratory ducks, geese and swans are present and other winter  visitors to look for include redwings, fieldfares and in some years waxwings.”

Wildlife calendar in February (National Trust) – lots of good tips “The best time to spot frogs is during the breeding season when adults lay frogspawn in ponds between February and March. Snowdrops are the first flowers to emerge after the winter, signalling that spring is on its way”