Wildlife watching in January

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Wildlife holidays in the USA in January

Winter Wildlife Watching in Point Reyes. California Every year, California Gray Whales migrate from their feeding grounds in the waters off Alaska to their breeding grounds in the warmer waters near Baja California. This southern migration takes place from mid-December through February, with the peak in about mid January. The return trip back up north happens from March through May, with the peak watching time in mid March; late April and early May are great times to see mother whales swimming with their calves.

Whale watching in New Zealand

Whale and Orcas watching off Kaikoura by the unique Kaikoura Helicopters

A spectacular marine playground exists off the coast of Kaikoura and living in this environment is the mighty Sperm Whale.  It is here that resident bachelors dive to immense depths in search of Giant Squid, so accessible to Sperm whales but still elusive to mankind. Visitors are drawn to Kaikoura by the ability to view these magnificent mammals in their own environment 12 months of the year and Kaikoura Helicopters gives you the opportunity to do so in an exhilarating, comfortable and affordable manner.

If you can afford it, January is an ideal month for wildlife watching in the Antarctic.

Wildlife holidays in Oman in January

  • Green turtles come ashore at Ras al Junayz, Oman.
  • Lonely Planet

    Ras al-Jinz (Ras al-Junayz), the easternmost point of the Arabian Peninsula, is an important turtle-nesting site for the endangered green turtle. Over 20, 000 females return annually to the beach where they hatched in order to lay eggs. Oman has an important role to play in the conservation of these endangered species and takes the responsibility seriously, with strict penalties for harming turtles or their eggs.  The area is under government protection and the only way to visit the site is by booking through the Directorate General of Nature Reserves (24 602285; fax 24 602283) and joining an escorted tour at around 9.30pm every evening.