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Africa’s national parks failing to conserve large mammals, study shows

Populations of zebra, buffalo and lion have fallen by an average of 59% since 1970, according to new research

Africa’s extensive network of national parks is failing to stem the decline of large mammals, according to a new study that highlights biodiversity loss across the continent.

Populations of large mammals such as zebra, buffalo and lion have declined by an average of 59% since 1970, according to the research, which collated data from parks including popular tourist safari destinations such as the Masai Mara in Kenya and the Serengeti in Tanzania.

The study warns that urgent efforts are needed to better protect the animals and secure the future of the parks, which draw millions of tourists each year and provide much-needed income.

Africa’s vanishing wild: mammal populations cut in half– very interesting interview with Ian Craigie

Big mammals in Africa are disappearing in staggering numbers. According to a study published last year: Africa’s large mammal populations have dropped by 59% in just 40 years. But what is even more alarming was that the study only looked at mammal populations residing in parks and wildlife areas, i.e. lands that are, at least on paper, under governmental protection. Surveying 78 protected areas for 69 species, the study included global favorites such as the African elephant, giraffes, zebra, wildebeest, and even Africa’s feline king, the lion.

New ocean developing in Africa

Africa is witnessing the birth of a new ocean which will eventually split the continent in two, say scientists.

Why is Africa’s wildlife in protected areas in widespread decline?

The alarm bells are ringing in the scientific world and conservation circles – Africa’s wildlife inside National Parks and Game Reserves is in widespread decline and it has little to do with poaching or bad conservation management!   It appears that there is a crisis in wildlife conservation in Africa.

21% of Africa’s freshwater plants and animals threatened

21 percent of African freshwater plant and animal species are threatened with extinction, according to a five year assessment of 5,167 freshwater species by 200 scientists.

Africa’s Most Dangerous Animals

Facts and photos about Africa’s most dangerous animals (defined as any living thing). This top 10 list of Africa’s most deadly animals includes: the hippo, lion, crocodile, mosquito, black mamba, great white shark, buffalo, elephant, puff adder, and of course man himself.

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