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Europe has a surprisingly diverse range of wildlife watching possibilities. The Lynx, though very rare, can be found in the forests of northern Scandinavia and the coastal wetlands of southern Spain and many places in between. Bears are still be found across most of Europe; Wild boar, deer, moose, otters, beavers, Mountain goats, Pine martens, polecats, wolverines and even bison can all still be found.

Nature photography – images from the Wild Wonders of Europe

Incredible images of animals, plants and landscapes showing the biodiversity of Europe. See also Wild Wonders of Europe – The Blog

 Wildlife comeback in Europe (ZSL)  The Eurasian beaver, European bison and White-tailed eagle have all been highlighted as species that have made a remarkable comeback in Europe over the past 50 years

Wild Wonders of Europe (The Guardian)

Today, almost 20% of the European Union’s land surface provides protection of some kind for its indigenous species, thanks to a spate of conservation projects that have been launched over the past two decades. Wild Wonders of Europe is, in part, a celebration of the consequences of these far-sighted decisions, though its authors also stress that threats of extinction still hang over many important species on the continent.

From iron curtain to green belt

2010 – Turning or Breaking Point for Europe’s Wildlife? BirdLife International has launched a groundbreaking new report on the state of biodiversity in the EU. Turning or Breaking Point for Europe’s Wildlife? BirdLife EU Report

Central & Eastern European Wildlife – Bradt Travel Guides

The wildlife of eastern Europe is one of the unexpected attractions of a region best known for its cultural assets: relatively few visitors are aware of the diversity on their holiday doorstep, from brown bears and wolves to numerous birds no longer common in the west of the continent.

Wildlife holidays in Europe

Ten best wildlife holidays in Europe | Travel | The Guardian

From butterfly-chasing in Croatia to marmot-spotting in Swiss meadows

Wildlife holidays in Europe