Photo exhibition by Agustí Centelles

January 1st, 2010 | by nick |

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This exhibition on the remarkable photos taken by Agustí Centelles at the Bram concentration camp in 1939 is well worth visiting. Until January 10th 2010. At the Sant Mónica Arts Centre

After the fall of Barcelona, in the last months of the Spanish Civil War the photojournalist Agustí Centelles was interned together with other refugees in French territory in the concentration camp at Bram, Languedoc, where he was held from the 1st of March to the 13th of September, 1939. During the flight from Barcelona and his subsequent internment and release from the concentration camp, Centelles wrote a diary, which has now been published. He also took more than 600 photographs documenting life in the concentration camp, of the most striking expressive power. These extraordinary images are a unique testimony to life in a concentration camp in 20th-century Europe. The exhibition will present a selection of the more than 600 photographs that Centelles took in Bram, together with entries from his diary and documentation about the concentration camp at Bram in 1939.

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