Barelona street art

June 14th, 2010 | by nick |

This Flick group is a brilliant collection of street art in Barcelona. The above near the Forum is by la ira món mort

Coincidently in The Guardian:

Graffiti protesting has become a symbol of resistance as a rising tide of visitors engulfs the local population

He, or she, is a Catalan cross between Banksy and an anti-tourism league. At night the mystery graffiti protester roams the streets of Barcelona’s old quarter leaving behind markings on the streets that divide them into separate lanes for the tourists and the “normal” Barcelonans.

Every day the city hall sends out workmen to paint over the markings, afraid that someone is trying to push away the tourists who bring in welcome wealth but increasingly make native Barcelonans feel jostled off their own streets.


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