José Rizal in Barcelona

May 1st, 2012 | by nick |

I was surprised to come across this plaque in Plaça Bonsuccés, Barcelona, to Philliphine liberation leader José Rizal, who ran his newspaper La Solidaridad from the building here. I suspect this is the only official council plaque in Barcelona in an Asian language – Tagalog (correct me please). There is also a room named after him in Montjuic castle (Sala José Rizal) where he was once imprisoned and another plaque in Catalan outside the modernist jewel of Hotel Fonda de España in El Raval where he stayed.

“The last time Rizal was in Barcelona was when he was detained in a Barcelona jail on his way to Cuba to volunteer his medical services to the Spanish army during the Cuban Revolution on suspicion that he is the mastermind of the disturbances in Manila and the suburbs led by Bonifacio and his Katipuneros. A few days later, he was escorted to the Philippines to face criminal charges. ” Quote from here

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