Carrer Montcada – Montcada Street

Carrer Montcada has the biggest collection of Gothic mansions and buildings in Barcelona, including the Picasso Museum. Some of the buildings date from the 12th century, when the street was opened.

Montcada Street (BCN site)

Its name derives from the important Montcada family from Barcelona who, it appears, received the land in the 12th century for the support lent to King Ramon Berenguer IV by Guillem Ramon de Montcada during the conquest of Majorca.

The first homes outside the city walls emerged in the mid-12th century. The street linked the Bòria commercial district with the old sailing quarter of Vilanova del Mar, leading to the creation of the Ribera district. At the end of that century, the area was incorporated into the new city walls, experiencing its greatest splendour from the 15th to the 16th century. It was then an aristocratic street inhabited by noble families and rich merchants who had earned their fortune from the sea trade.

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