Casa Vicens

Casa Vicens (1883-1889) is a wonderful whimsical building with some lovely details. I particularly like the tilework and the dragons. It was the first family residence designed by Gaudí, and is considered his first important work. It was built for industrialist Manuel Vicens, who depending on the source was either a stockbroker or tile manufacturer. The building was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Works of Antoni Gaudí” in 2005. See Google Map

Casa Vicens (Wikipedia) The building shows several influences, most notably the Moorish (or Mudéjar) influence, particularly evident at the top. The house is constructed of undressed stone, rough red bricks, and colored ceramic tiles in checkerboard and floral patterns. The owner, Manuel Vicens, was the owner of a brick and tile factory, so the ceramic tiles pay tribute to his employment. The yellow, zinnia-flowered tile, designed by Gaudí, was manufactured by Vicens. Rooftop towers are reminiscent of Moorish architecture. Because the house is a private residence, its interior cannot be visited. Nevertheless, the house is generally open to “neighbours and citizens” on Saint Rita’s Day, May 22.


Carrer Carolines, no. 24. Metro Fontana. L3

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