Green Barcelona tour

    This tour takes you on a walk around some of the most beautiful corners of Montjüic park, looking at the wildlife that lives in this dense Mediterranean city. It also looks at cultural aspects such as Cerdà’s vision of a green city, the wild inspiration behind Guadí’s Sagrada Familia, the social history of Montjuic including the shanty towns and quarries that once covered much of the hill. We also visit a traditional Catalan market garden and discuss cuisine based on local products. Monica, the guide, also threads in her own family history to give you a unique view of the city.

    Other topics include: geography of Barcelona, urban wildlife of Barcelona (amphibians and reptiles, birdlife, wild boars), the creation of the Park and the 1929 International Exhibition, Mediterranean flora and characteristic trees, and the history of malaria. See also our Barcelona Wildlife website

    Practical details

    • Guide: Monica, biologist and conservation educator.
    • Cost: 25 euros/person. (Private group 200 euros)
    • Most days: 1600-1930 approx and by appointment
    • It ends in an interesting bar terrace hidden away from the tourist trail on Montjuic (drinks not included).
    • Contact to book:
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