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Collserola protected

October 20th, 2010

Lucy has written this excellent summary of the news of Collserola’s protection.

Green roofs in Barcelona

June 12th, 2010

Barcelona has 3.5 hectares of green roofs in 54 of the city’s terraces and buildings which use system. Green roofs could be expanded to cover a surface area of close to 96 hectares, if all the city’s available spaces were to be used. in 2009, the city saw green roofs installed in several municipal buildings such as the Biblioteca Zona Nord (1,200 square metres) and the Fàbrica del Sol (150 square metres). More here

Barcelona top of CO2 city study

September 30th, 2009

Barcelona has come out top of a new study which ranks ten leading world cities on their greenhouse gas emissions. The worst was Denver which emits six times as much greenhouses gases as Barcelona. The order for electricity consumption was: 1-Denver, 2-Toronto, 3-Geneva, 4-NYC, 5-Prague, 6-London, 7-Bangkok, 8-LA, 9-Barcelona, and 10-Cape Town. The study also took public transport, waste and “heating and industrial fuel use” into account to determine total emissions. More here

Favourable factors include the temperate climate (15% reduction), nuclear power generation from Ascó, population density, good public transport and low car use.

More details in El Pais Barcelona saca nota en el examen del carbono

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