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Best cybercafé in Gràcia

March 18th, 2010

For my money the best cybercafé in Gracià and one of the nicest in Barcelona is CiberVirreina. It is next to to Plaza Virreina on Carrer Asturias. Fast internet access from quality computers.  Webcams and headsets available.  All computers have a usb point.  Wifi is also available for your own laptop. I spend some time here. Nine on the morn, till one at night.


c/ Asturies 78,
Pl Virreina – Gracia

Tel: 93 368 5770

Nearest Metro:
Fontana L3, Joanic L4

La Piadina

February 16th, 2010

La Piadina serves excellent takeaway piadinas. They make a good change from pizzas and bocadiillos. Ugly is my favouirite.

Address: C de Santa Creu 3. Street is off Plz Virreina by the church.

Secondhand books in Barcelona

April 24th, 2009

Hibernian Books is the biggest -and as far as I know with the demise of Elephant Books- the only secondhand English Bookshop in Barcelona. They claim to stock 30,000 titles. They have a very small section of new books.

  • Address C/Monseny 17, Gràcia. Metro Fontana.
  • Opening times: Monday: 16:00 to 20:30, Tuesday to Saturday: 10:30 to 20:30

Website here

The last dairy of Barcelona

April 23rd, 2009

I love the idiosyncrasy of many of the small shops in Barcelona. One of my recent favourites is a lovely little shop selling dairy products in the centre of Gràcia, in Carrer Torrijos, just up from the market. The establishment was last functioning dairy (vaquería) in Barcelona. Changes in public health laws took away the cows some 25 years ago, but the old livestock stalls can still be seen today amongst the clutter of the shopkeeper’s storeroom. Many Barcelonans over thirty odd can still remember going  with their mothers to buy milk fresh from the udder right in the centre of the city. In my mind, the place should be protected as part of the city’s heritage, but is under threat from the owners of the building.

Khan Kaffrun

April 5th, 2009

I had an enjoyable dinner last night in Khan Kaffrun which specialises in authentic Syrian and Lebanese food with a hint of Greece thrown in. The restaurant is run by a very friendly Lebanese family, and is cheap, cheerful and very good quality, not an easy combination to find in Barcelona. Dishes include standard Arabic fare including humous, mutabal, labné, fatush (Lebanese salad), and cheese and meat arayes, and Greek mousaka. Highly recommended.

Price: 10-20 euros


Carrer del Torrent de Les Flors, 39, Gràcia. Metro Joanic

Tel.: 93 284 37 41

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