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Beer tour in Barcelona

May 10th, 2013

I had a very enjoyable evening out last week as a punter with Crafty Beer Tours with guides-hosts Roy Cottle and Robin Barden (both in the photo). The tour takes you to two beer bars very much off the beaten tourist trail in Barcelona and is enlivened by their passionate, engaging and witty spiel on the new movement of Catalan and Spanish craft beers. Beer of course forms the connecting thread but the tour is really about local produce and alternative Barcelona with a healthy dose of contemporary politics thrown in. First stop was Cerveseria La Resistencia, interesting itself because Sergi the owner is a goldmine of family stories about the Civil War and anarchism in Barcelona where I had a gorgeous pint of Montseny, a local Catalan brew Second and last stop was a cozy boozer in Sants where we also had a bit to eat. The price is 35 euros and includes a pint at the first bar and at the second a sample of 6 different craft beers and some local cheeses and sausages, etc. Roy and Robin are both beer experts, but without a hint of those British real ale bores. Note: Roy is about to launch his own Barcelona brew (more on this when he does). Everybody in the group (me and seven Brits) had a great time. We threw dozens of questions at the guides who expertly managed them all. Highly recommended!

Dangers in Barcelona

May 13th, 2009

These sites have a list of potential dangers and scams awaiting the visitor to Barcelona. Although the city must be one of the safest cities in the world, it has it fair share of pickpockets, bag snatchers and scallywags fed by large pockets of poverty, and non-violent crime in the tourist areas is pretty common. Common sense will avoid most problems. Outside the tourist honey pots, the chance of anything happening to you is extremely unlikely.
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