Jewish Barcelona

Ancient Synagogue of Barcelona (Wikipedia + above photo)

“The Ancient Synagogue of Barcelona (Catalan: Sinagoga Major de Barcelona, Spanish: Sinagoga Mayor de Barcelona) is believed to be an ancient synagogue located in the centre of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. It has been described as one of the oldest synagogues in Europe.[1][2] After many centuries of use for other purposes, the building re-opened as a synagogue and museum in 2002. No congregation prays regularly at the Sinagoga Major, but it is used for festive occasion”

Associació Call de Barcelona

“The Call Association of Barcelona was founded in 1997 to support and manage the “Recovery Project” of the former Major Synagogue of Barcelona. The Association is made up of people of various religious creeds and local historians. These historians have decided to unite their efforts under the strong conviction that recovering the historic memory of the Jews of Catalonia is of utmost importance. Their concern is the recuperation of both the Jewish and Catalan legacy of the Jews of Catalonia.

Barcelona’s Jews A Jewish visitor to Barcelona could be forgiven for feeling a little ill at ease in the Catalan capital. After all, the graffiti culture in Barcelona readily uses the symbol of the swastika, the city is home to one of Europe’s most infamous neo-Nazi bookstores, and Israel is not viewed with favour among the public at large. Yet far from being a no-go zone for Jews, Barcelona is home to a small but thriving Jewish community.

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