bombardment of Barcelona. aerial bombing during the Spanish Civil War

Bomb shelter booklet

September 7th, 2011

Barcelona bombing

Bomb shelter booklet published by Barcelona City Council circa 1938, with the cathedral and Santa María del Pi in background.

Langston Hughes on Barcelona

May 26th, 2010

The Afro-American poet Langston Hughes visited Barcelona in 1937 as a  newspaper correspondent for the Baltimore Afro-American. He saw the terrible destruction in the city caused by the bombing.

I came down from Paris by train. We reached Barcelona at night. The day before had been a terrific air raid in the city, killing about a hundred and wounding a great deal more. We read about it in the papers at the border. Last night, I thought. Well tonight, I’ll be there. Here (October 23, 1937)

He was inspired to write the poem Air raid: Barcelona (from here). The imagery is stark. East is back to Mallorca where Mussolini’s squadrons were based.

The death birds wheel East
To their lairs again
Leaving iron eggs
In the streets of Spain.

Air raid: Barcelona by Langston Hughes

Black smoke of sound
Curls against the midnight sky. Read the rest of this entry

Winston Churchill on Barcelona

April 22nd, 2009

Barcelona was the first city in the world to be inflicted with mass aerial bombing. Winston Churchill said to the House of Commons at the start of the Blitz.
“I do not want to undervalue the severity of the damage falling on you, but I trust our citizens will be capable of resisting as bravely as the valient people of Barcelona.”)
In all 2700 were killed in Barcelona by the bombs.
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