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Sugar beet and the Pink-footed Geese

At first light, the sound of huge flocks of honking Pink-footed Geese fills the north Norfolk sky as they fly in from their roosts on the Wash. Back in the 1960s, wintering Pink-foots in the UK numbered about 50,000. Nowadays there are over 200,000 and about half of them are found in Norfolk. Continue reading Sugar beet and the Pink-footed Geese

Dragonfly rescue

A third of Britain’s dragonfly species are under threat of extinction.  Why?  The problem is threefold: pollution, pesticides and habitat loss.  So the opening of a Dragonfly sanctuary in Wicken Fen, Cambridgeshire, is timely.  In a pristine environment of ditches and ponds, 21 of Britain’s 42 species can be seen. Read more in the Guardian.