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Urban beehives

The Beehaus

Urban beekeeping is becoming all the rage in Britain. Omlet offers rather attractive hives as pictured above, perfect for installation in a garden or rooftop. They claim the hive, the beehaus, is inspired by the way bees live in the wild and built on the classic principles of beekeeping. They also provide service and support to keep bees in your garden. They also say the beehaus is specially designed for keeping bees in your garden or rooftop. See also New plastic hive promises affordable beekeeping (Guardian)

Wasp eradication

The Waspinator is a fake wasps nest. Wasps are very territorial, they will aggressively defend their nest against wasps from another colony. Any wasp which sees this “enemy nest” will rapidly fly off for fear of being killed.  The result is a large wasp free zone without killing wasps and without disturbing the insect world in your garden. Enjoy wasp free barbeques without the use of chemicals and with zero maintenance.

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