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Mushrooms: River Cottage Handbook


Mushrooms: River Cottage Handbook comes recommended as both inspirational and practical. Author John Wright captures the fun of picking edible wild fungi and then transforming them into delicious meals. Packed with mushroom-lore and illustrations, with a section on poisonous fungi, it’s small enough to take out on forays. Particularly good for transmitting confidence to novice pickers.

Wildlife calendar

The remarkable BBC documentary Secrets of the Sett filmed badgers making their beds before venturing out for a night’s foraging. Indeed, one of the signs of an inhabited sett is old straw left at the entrance by house-proud badgers. Cornish wildlife artist Dick Twinney has captured this aspect of badger behaviour in an engaging painting, included in the 2100 calendar he’s put together. Take a look at his keenly observed and vividly textured images in the Living Countryside calendar available in a limited number of 500 signed editions.

Be a farmer for the day in Cheshire

This sounds like a great way of spending a day. Find out what it’s like to work as a farmer on a dairy farm. Spend the day milking cows, feeding baby calves, trimming cows feet or mucking out the bull. Lunch at the local pub, and some homemade Cheshire butter to take home. £175 full day, £70 half day.

An ideal gift for a Christmas or birthday present for someone who enjoys something different. Or not.

Sheep poo paper

Creative Paper, the only craft paper mill in Wales, are makers of beautiful handcrafted papers and paper products including their remarkable Sheep Poo Paper. They claim to take great care to collect super-fresh sheep poo from the beautiful (ugly won’t do) hills of rural Wales and take it back to their mill in southern Snowdonia.

The paper is then sterilised and washed repeatedly until it has lost approximately half its original weight (Sheep Fact: a sheep only digests 50% of the cellulose fibers it eats). The fibres are then used to make paper. For how its made see here.