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Mausoleum for a fox hunter

The ever entertaining Irelandbyways mentions here in one of its routes the remarkable mausoleum of fox hunter Robert Watson (1822 – 1908), Master of the Meath Hunt.  He was so convinced that he would be re-incarnated as a fox that he had a temple-crowned mausoleum built in the form of a foxes’ earth, impenetrable to foxhounds and with tapered escape tunnels. In his last will and testament, Watson stipulated a ban on fox-hunting, in perpetuity, on his Larchill estate. Believing what he did, one wonders why he didn’t ban it before.

Image from buildings of Ireland

Biggest seafish ever caught off Ireland

On June 16, 2009, an angler fishing off the coast of South West Ireland reeled in a 480kg, 3.9m bluntnose sixgill with rod and line. Experts say that this is the biggest fish ever caught with a rod in the British Isles. Six-gill sharks are a deep-water species, and are only rarely caught. Richard Peirce, chairman of the Shark Trust, expressed his disappointment that Mr Waldis did not release his capture, as did many anglers who follow the modern more of returning “trophy” fish to the water .