Mass dolphin sighting

A massive group of dolphins has been spotted off the Welsh coast. Researchers found their boat surrounded by a pod of around 1,500 dolphins off the coast of Pembrokeshire, one of the largest groups ever recorded in British waters. The lucky conservationists described a “mile-long wall of dolphins….They just kept on coming pod after pod passing by the boat. It was a wonderful thing to see. It was possible to see all ages of dolphins from big adults to tiny babies.” The group was probably made up of many smaller pods, which had come together to exploit a large “bait ball” of fish in the area. The Telegraph

Note also Dolphin ‘super pod’ seen in firth from June 27th in Scotland “more than 400 short-beaked common dolphins were sighted off the north east coast….The “super pod “was a sign of how climate change was pushing some wildlife further north.”

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