Snowhole holiday in Scotland

Whetever will they think of next!  Help construct a roomy communal snowhole lit by the reflected light of candles! Wake up to the absolute silence of a pristine winter wonderland bathed in the soft light of a Cairngorm dawn, in the highest mountain range in Britain. They claim “This will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.” Whatever the case, sounds more fun than playing golf.

Once you’ve undergone a day of essential skills training we embark on a two-day expedition to head deep into the snowy wilderness. The route takes us across the Cairngorm (4085ft) – Ben Macdui (4295ft) plateau to spend a night in a communal snowhole. You learn the essentials of good snow hole design and efficient construction. The challenges are unique and the rewards unrivalled – this is Britain’s ultimate winter mountain experience & one not to be missed.

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