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Seal pup in garden

After last week’s fox in the London Underground, here’s another wacky one. A baby seal has turned up in a garden in  Benenden, Kent, 18 miles from the coast. The pup probably made its way up the River Rother which leads out to the English Channel, and then into a stream at the bottom of the garden. Then, according to the owner of the garden, “the seal made its way across the lawn into the pond, where it sat happily staring out of the pond in an enchanting way with its eyes just above the water.” The seal was named Rudolph by the little girl who first spotted it, who noted that “it ate some of my parents’ goldfish”.


Grey Seals in Britain

Two surprising things about Grey Seals: their size – males can be up to 3 metres long, making them Britain’s largest land-breeding mammals – and their number – nearly half the world’s Grey Seal population live on British coasts.

A hundred years ago, there were fears about their survival, which led to the Grey Seal Protection Act of 1914, one of the first conservation laws of its kind.  With hunting prohibited in the breeding season, their numbers began to grow from an estimated 1,000 to the current 225,000. Continue reading Grey Seals in Britain