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Protection for machair

The unique Hebridean machair habitat, home to traditional crofting and a wealth of rare wildlife, is to protected through significant funding. RSPB

The RSPB notes:

The Hebridean machair is a strip of coastal land stretching from North Uist to Islay, with small pockets extending to the north of Lewis. Traditional crofting methods, including mixed grazing and late harvesting of arable crops for winter cattle fodder produces a magical landscape rich in wild flowers, herbs and grasses, bursting with seasonal colours.  This in turn makes perfect conditions for  threatened birds like corncrake, chough and corn bunting. The machair is also home to 16,000 breeding pairs of wading birds such as lapwings and ringed plovers, and insects such as the declining great yellow bumblebee. Scottish machair is globally important for this wildlife, which has disappeared from many other parts of Europe. Without the right support, however, the active crofting systems that maintain it are at risk.

Cruises around the Western Isles

Cruises on board a gaff cutter to St Kilda, the Orkneys, the Shetlands and North Rona, as well as the Hebrides, as well as the Hebrides. Boarding usually at Mallaig. See a wide variety of wildlife at close quarters, from whales (Sperm, Killer, Northern Bottlenose and Sei whales. and of course Minke), dolphins and basking sharks to red deer, eagles and otters. If you would like to find out more about what we see, take our Hebridean wildlife tour.

Island Cruising in The Hebrides: cruise to remote Islands around the Hebrides. We specialise in trips to St Kilda and some of the following Islands en route, Scarp, Taransay, Monach Isles and the Flannan Isles. The trips are either of 4 days or 6 days duration and the itinerary is worked out as we go along. North Rona, Sula Sgeir and the Shiant Isles can also be visited, as can Mingulay and the Southern Isles.