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The world’s oldest osprey

The female osprey has lived to three times the average lifespan of her breed and produced 46 chicks

The world’s oldest known osprey has just returned for the 20th time to Scotland after completing the 3,000-mile flight from Africa to her summer breeding territory at Loch of the Lowes in Perthshire. Britainnature wishes her a very 25th happy birthday. The bird has already lived three time longer than the average osprey. Her secret? Lots of fresh fish and foreign travel. More in The Independent (Photo by Kevin Hacker)

Osprey migration watch

In preparation for this year’s migration, two of the osprey chicks from the Loch Garten nest in the Scottish Highlands are now equipped with satellite tags.  The data will enable their movements to be tracked when they begin their perilous journey south to Africa in August.

For more information about osprey tracking, visit the RSPB
Meanwhile, observe their last weeks in Scotland on the RSPB webcam