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Oldest osprey returns to Scotland

The oldest osprey of the UK – and probably the world – has returned to her eyrie in the Scottish highlands.   When she left for West Africa at the end of last summer, no one expected her to return.  At 26 she’s lived 3 times longer than most female ospreys. In her life she’s laid 58 eggs and hatched 48 chicks, a massive individual contribution to the survival of ospreys in Scotland, where there are still only about 200 breeding pairs.  The questions now are if her mate will return and if she is still fertile. Events can be followed on the webcam of the Loch of the Lowes reserve.

Osprey migration watch

In preparation for this year’s migration, two of the osprey chicks from the Loch Garten nest in the Scottish Highlands are now equipped with satellite tags.  The data will enable their movements to be tracked when they begin their perilous journey south to Africa in August.

For more information about osprey tracking, visit the RSPB
Meanwhile, observe their last weeks in Scotland on the RSPB webcam