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Four new bird species added to pest list

The government body Natural England have added four non-native species to the list of birds that can be shot without having to apply for an individual license: Ring-tailed parakeet, Monk parakeet, Canada goose and Egyptian goose.

The Ring-tailed parakeet, a conspicuous resident in the south of London, is often a scourge for farmers in its native terrain (ranging from Africa to the Himalayas), as large flocks wreak mass destruction on crops.  So far only a few isolated incidents of crop-damage have been reported in England, so its inclusion in the list would seem to be a precautionary move. There is also concern about the impact of this rapidly expanding species on native wildlife, particularly other tree hole-nesting birds, such as woodpeckers.

Any species on the general license list can only be culled with legitimate justification.

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