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Tree climbing on the Isle of Wight

Here’s a wacky way of spending a day. Go on a tree climbing course in the Isle of Wight. The organisers meet you at their “secret” tree climbing field in rural Isle of Wight.  Once you have climbed as high as you want to go, you can hang out in the canopy, maybe resting awhile in the tree hammock before abseiling to the ground through the branches. Then, come down for homemade refreshments & a cup of tea.

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How did the Needles get their name?

The western tip of the Isle of Wight peters out in a series of three jagged rocks known as the Needles.  You might think they owe their name to their sharp edges but it turns out there used to be a fourth, needle-shaped, rock called Lot’s wife, as shown in Isaac Taylor’s map of Hampshire published in 1759.  Continue reading How did the Needles get their name?