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Cold days in the park

Written by Lucy Brzoska

The wind cuts like a knife and few brave the park. Benches stand empty and no one picnics on the grass. And strangely, there’s no sound coming out of the pine and cypress trees.  It turns out that the Monk parakeets (Myiopsitta monachus) have come to ground en masse and are foraging on the deserted lawns.


Sometimes you can glimpse a Black rat (Rattus rattus) deep in an ornamental hedge, nibbling on berries.  But when the coast was clear, one cautiously ventured into the open, carefully reading the air for information.


Without the lunch time regulars the litter bins offer lean pickings, but this triumphant Red squirrel had managed to procure a large wedge of bread.  It zipped up the tree before the magpies noticed.


Even in winter, life flickers in an old stone wall, as lizards (Podarcis hispanica) in a variety of sizes and shades come out to catch the noon rays.


When a frayed Speckled Wood butterfly (Pararge aegeria) settled on one of the last leaves, it seemed to be surfing a wave.