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Alcubierre: George Orwell in Aragon

Almanzor Peak

The village of Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente

Peninsular War battle sites

Vimeiro If exploring battle sites of the Peninsular War is your thing this site gives a comprehensive and well written treatment of the different places involved with maps included.

La Alhambra receives most tourists in Spain

According to El País, La Alhambra in Granada has been named the most popular tourist attraction in 2009, beating the Sagrada Familia into second place and El Prado, third.

English Tourists shun Spain because it’s ‘no longer foreign enough’”

The relentless spread of English bars in coastal resorts is eroding Spain’s attraction as a holiday destination because Britons no longer consider it foreign enough. The Times. Picked up on Notes from Spain here who note it says a lot more about the Brits (who aren’t aware of strange out-of-the-way places like, say Madrid) than Spain…

Sheep farming in Granada

BBC radio documentary with author Chris Stewart talking about sheep shearing and farming in Granada . Listen here

The darker side of the Basque Country

Sandi Toksvig talks here on the BBC’s Excess Baggage Paddy Woodworth to find out how the darker side of the Basque country, separatist terrorism, has affected the tourist trade. Listen here

Secret Spain

Sandi Toksvig talks here on the BBC’s Excess Baggage to two Hispanophile and an Extremaduran about parts of Spain that are often underrated or still relatively undiscovered; green northern landscapes that look just like Cornwall, a western province with fields of sweet pímenton; a southern desert used as a film set for spaghetti westerns and a Balearic island named after an ancient god of dance, Bez. Listen here

Truffle farming in Castellón

BBC’s Radio 4 travels programme Excess Baggage looks at the province of Castellón. where Jason Webster has created, with his Spanish wife, not only a home but a garden in an area ravaged by fire and drought. Jason wrote an account of his dream come true story in a new book entitled Sacred Sierra, A Year on a Spanish Mountain. Listen here Jason Webster’s journey to Spain culminated in him setting up life as a truffle farmer on a sacred mountain. The Guardian.

Mountain skiing in the Sierra Nevada

Nice video here of people free mountain skiing down Pico Veleta in the Sierra Nevada, the second highest peak in Spain. Watch

Cable car in the Picos de Europa

Sant Martí d’Empúries – the most beautiful village in the Costa Brava?

The exclave of Llivia

The birthplace of Goya

Aitxuri, the most prominent in the Basque Country


The Arenas de Rey earthquake

Site of the Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa

Unspoilt fishing village in Asturias