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June 2nd, 2010

Trekking in the Sierra Nevada in June I enjoyed this post on the iberianatureforum by Maria: Outside the tapas bars of Lanjaron temperatures reached 30 degrees. 2500m above we donned our duvet jackets as an icy wind tore across the white snow filled plateau. Such are the contrasts this year in southern Spain’s Sierra Nevada, a legacy of the worst winter weather in living memory. Read the original story here:

Cabo de Peñas – the northernmost point of Asturias

In the heart of the Picos

The vineyards of Lanzarote

Teruel bat

Sprawled bat / Murciélago espatarrado by . SantiMB .. Detail of modernist forge of the Staircase of the Paseo del Óvalo. The monumental staircase was built in 1921 to link the new railway station with the old part of the city. The work has modernist and neomudejar details. By SantiMB on Flickr

The Ayoluengo petrol field

The Camín Real de la Mesa

paisaje_con_cabaas_425 The Camín Real de la Mesa, is an ancient Roman trail linking Asturias and León, and forms a tributary of the famous Ruta de la Plata. The trail takes you through some of the most spectacular, least-known scenery in Europe. “For centuries the Camín was one of the few points of contact between the provinces of León and Asturias. It is essentially Roman in construction, but the route has been used for trade for 5,000 years, traversing a mountain range with peaks of 2,000m, reaching into some of Spain’s most wildly beautiful and otherwise inaccessible landscapes. More from the Guardian Looks very tempting.

Rioseco Abbey

Las Hoces de Rio Piedra

Monument to woman devoured by wolves

Alcubierre: George Orwell in Aragon

Almanzor Peak

The village of Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente

Cable car in the Picos de Europa

The birthplace of Goya

Aitxuri, the most prominent in the Basque Country

The Arenas de Rey earthquake

Site of the Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa

Unspoilt fishing village in Asturias

Arab baths in Jaén