Mallos de Riglos

On the eastern edge of the Sierra de Guara, is a collection of almost sheer conglomerate rock formations formed during the Miocene known as the Mallos de Riglos. With easy access to their base, these 275m-high cliffs are a mecca for climbers from around the world, and the little village of Riglós nestled improbably below the rocks does a very nice business in accommodating them. However, some of the most demanding routes require spending a free night in a tiny tent strapped to the bare rock face.  I suffer from a degree of vertigo and the idea of waking up halfway up the sheer face of Los Mallos is one of my all-time favourite nightmares, though I do get a frisson (and a stiff neck) watching those who dare to climb these looming beasts, each of which has its own name; El Puro, El Pisón, Castilla, Volaos, Cuchillo, Frenchín, Visera and Firé.