Almanzor Peak

The granite peak of Almanzor (2592 m) is the highest mountain in the Sistema Central, the range that cuts the great Meseta of Spain in two. It crowns an immense glacial cirque in the Sierra de Gredos, known as the Circo de Gredos (read about legend below). The mountain is also known as Pico de Almanzor and Moro Almanzor.

Almanzor takes its name from Al-Mansur (the victorious), the de facto Moorish ruler of Al-Andalus during the late 10th-early 11th centuries. His rule marked what was probably the peak of Islamic power in Spain. Legend has it that Al-Mansur passed by here after a terrible battle with the Christians. He was taken by the beauty of the mountains which at the time functioned as a frontier between Islamic Spain and the Christian lands, and so he decided to set up camp for the night. Under the stars, he was captivated by the stories of shepherds from the area. They told him than in the heart of these mountains, terrible noises could be heard that would echo along the gullies and ravines, and which would shake the very hearts of the people of these parts. The next day, the Moorish king bade the shepherds to lead him to the place they spoke of: a magnificent cirque in centre of the Gredos mountains. When the company reached the place, they were greeted by a deafening silence. Fearful of the Kings reaction, they began to shout his name, which the mountain duly returned amplified as an echo.

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Country hotel in Gredos

La Sayuela**** is set on a 10,000 square metres farmland which adjoins the Regional Park of Gredos, with all the strength and splendour of the Sierra de Gredos (range of mountains) on one side, and the Valley of Tietar and “La Vera” on the other, creating spectacular sights from the house throughout the year. The farmland is surrounded by a number of gorges, with natural swimming pools. More information and to book

Rural hotel in Gredos Mountains

Milano Real Small charming hotel in the heart of the Gredos Mountains, El Milano Real (Red Kite) is a nest, of peace and tranquillity The hotel has a library with over 2000 volumes in English and Spanish, a private garden and a lounge-bar with its fireplace. 13 double rooms with full bath and 8 thematic suites with terrace, jacuzzi bath/shower, tv, dvd and spectacular views, and WiFi in all the premises. Our restaurant is open to the public, offering creative menus based on each season and including our own garden produce. Address Toleo 2, 05634 Hoyos del Espino. A great base for watching Spanish ibex.

Rural hostals in Tietar Valley, Gredos

Hostal Rural Luna y Hostal Rural Lunaposada** These two welcoming and rural hotels are situated in an enchanting setting in the old town of Candeleda, on the Southern side of the Gredos Mountains in the Tietar Valley, near La Vera. The 8 rooms are distributed between 2 buildings and are well-equipped for a comfortable stay. In addition there is a cosy lounge room with a TV, newspapers, books and board games. The accommodation is situated alongside surroundings offering a wealth of history and landscape; during your stay you can enjoy a range of activities, on which the hotel is happy to advise, exploring the area, admiring the 16th and 17th century houses and sampling the local cuisine.

Charming hotel in Barco de Avila

Izan Puerta De Gredos**** Charming hotel in Barco de Avila, set in natural surroundings and offering the perfect location to rest and unwind in a picturesque town. Located in a secluded area of a historical and culturally rich town, the hotel is situated by a forest where you can enjoy strolls along the river bank.
The hotel has a rural ambience and is surrounded by gardens that make it an ideal place to relax and unwind. Set in the foothills of the Gredos Mountains.