A beautiful beach in Cabo de Gata

The Playa de Mónsul is one of the most beautiful beaches in Cabo de Gata. The beach is flanked by weird overhanging volcanic rocks, and there is a large mobile dune in the shape of a half-moon (technically a barchan dune) at the entrance to the beach.

Cabo de Gata is the best example of fossil vulcanism in the Iberian Peninsula. It was caused by the crashing together of the Eurasian and African plates during the Miocene.

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The gold mines of Rodalquilar

Set in the heart of the rugged and arid Cabo de Gata, the abandoned gold mines of Rodalquilar are a fascinating and extremely atmospheric spot to visit. The mines experienced a minor gold fever in the 1880s . They were reopened for a brief flash in the pan in 1989, before finally closing a year later. There are a number of abandoned mining cottages in the deserted village of San Diego, though some have been renovated now for tourism accommodation.  At the bottom of the slope, the village of Rodalquilar itself is attractive and has a few bars offering cool drinks after a visit to the mines.

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El Cortijo del fraile

blood wedding cortijo... por EnKayTee.

The 18th century Cortijo del Fraile (The Friar’s Estate) is a wonderfully atmospheric spot in Cabo de Gata Natural Park with a dark secret. The farmstead was the site of the tragic Crime of Nijar, the murder which inspired Lorca to write Blood Wedding. Scenes from The Good the Bad and the Ugly and several other films were also shot here. Photo by Enkayte on Flicr.

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