Mongolian steppes under threat

The steppes of Mongolia may be transformed into a desert thanks to overgrazing by goats, driven by the west’s love of cashmere.  The Times On the same issue, the World Bank states “Mongolian herds will be at greater risk of severe weather conditions if growing livestock populations and deteriorating pastureland is not reversed.” (Mongolia’s pasture quality in worrying decline). Mongolia’s wilderness threatened by mining boom
After spending several months in the epic clamor of industrializing China, I went to Mongolia looking for open spaces and unspoiled nature, for clean air, for hiking and horseback riding, and for nights still dark enough to terrify. In the countryside (and most of it remains countryside) the Eternal Sky held sacred by Mongolians since well before the time of Genghis Khan levitates with majesty over wide-open grassland prairie, steppe, subarctic evergreen forest, wetland, alpine tundra, mountain, and desert. It stretches above yak, goat, reindeer, camel, wolf, bear, marmot, squirrel, hawk, falcon, eagle and crane, and above some of the last traditional nomadic peoples and wild horses on Earth
See also Mongolian-Manchurian grassland (World Wildlife Fund)

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