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The best Japanese restaurant in Barcelona

January 30th, 2010

Koy Shunka in Barcelona is claimed to be one of the best Japanese restaurants outside of  Japan.

I must admit expectations were high upon entering as pretty much every Chef in Spain talks about this restaurant, but without a shadow of a doubt it surpassed what I expected!  With the kitchen being the center stage from the moment you walked in you could not help feel a part of the theatrics….All of the Chefs were laughing and interacting with all of the guests seated around the bar seating and the edges of the kitchen. More here

Oysters in Barcelona

January 30th, 2010

Gouthier is the only specialised oyster bar in Barcelona.

Address: Mañé i Flaquer, 8
Sarrià-Sant Gervasi (Barcelona)
93 205 99 69
Price: 30 to 40

Bulls’ penises and testicles

May 14th, 2009

Photos of a stall selling the delicacies of bull’s penises and testicles (criadillas in Spanish, turmes in Catalan) at La Boqueria market. I’ve had the latter on several occasions. They are not unpleasant.




City of restaurants

April 12th, 2009

Barcelona is the only non-French city to receive the prestigious Gourmande award. The city is home to some 10,000 restaurants and nine Michelin stars. In this brief interview in The Guardian, Ferran Adrià recommends his favourite places to eat.

“There are a great deal of mediocre restaurants selling exceptionally mediocre food especially in the tourist belt around the Ramblas. Avoid it. But elsewhere in Barcelona is good because there are new places opening up all the time and there’s loads of enthusiasm there.”
Read in The Guardian

Khan Kaffrun

April 5th, 2009

I had an enjoyable dinner last night in Khan Kaffrun which specialises in authentic Syrian and Lebanese food with a hint of Greece thrown in. The restaurant is run by a very friendly Lebanese family, and is cheap, cheerful and very good quality, not an easy combination to find in Barcelona. Dishes include standard Arabic fare including humous, mutabal, labné, fatush (Lebanese salad), and cheese and meat arayes, and Greek mousaka. Highly recommended.

Price: 10-20 euros


Carrer del Torrent de Les Flors, 39, Gràcia. Metro Joanic

Tel.: 93 284 37 41

The best bakeries in Barcelona

April 5th, 2009

Good bread used to be hard to across in Barcelona but in recent years things have improved significantly with a plethora of artesan, eco and tradional bakeries opening up.

The Catalan version of Time Out in Barcelona this week published this list of its favourite bakeries in Barcelona with a write-up on each one. Here are the top ten:

10. Forn de l’avinguda
Av. Mistral, 60. Telf.: 93 325 52 44

09. Forn d’en Pere
Sants, 326. Telf.: 93 440 14 36

08. Escribà
Gran Via, 546. Telf.: 93 454 75 35

07. Crustó
València, 246. Telf.: 93 487 05 51

06. La Trinitat
Pl. Trinitat, 13-14. Telf.: 93 345 36 78

05. Mistral
Ronda Sant Antoni, 96. Telf.: 93 301 80 37

04. Balmes
Balmes, 156. Telf.: 93 218 07 10

03. Barcelona-Reykjavic
Doctor Dou, 12 i Astúries, 20. Telf.: 93 302 09 21

02. Baluard
Baluard, 38-40. Telf.: 93 221 12 08

And the winner:

01 Turris
Aribau, 158. Telf.: 93 217 96 06

Per als amants del bon pa, entrar a Turris és la perdició absoluta. Només posar-hi els peus, la vista salta d’un producte a l’altre sense acabar-se de decidir entre la vintena de pans que s’hi poden trobar i les glàndules salivals del panarra comencen a actuar de manera automàtica. I és que la qualitat guia en Xavier Barriga, fi ll de forners badalonins que va voltar món abans d’instal·lar-se a l’Eixample barceloní ara fa poc més d’un any. L’èxit del seu negoci ha estat absolutament aclaparador gràcies a uns pans fets amb tot l’amor on tots els elements apareixen en perfecta harmonia. Un dels productes més venuts de la casa és el Turris, un pa de crosta gruixuda i molla humida, fresca i un punt àcida que remet directament als pans “d’abans”, fins i tot si el record és molt llunyà o ja inexistent. Si compreu un pa Turris, us costarà 5,20 euros/kg.

Best rooftop bar-restaurant in Barcelona

March 26th, 2009

La Miranda Del Museo is my favourite rooftop bar-restaurant in Barcelona. It is located between Barceloneta and the Gothic Quarter in the Palau de Mar, the only building which still survives from Barcelona’s Old Port. The first three floors of the building are taken up by the Museu de Historia de Catalunya. Take the lift up to the fourth floor. Superb views of Barcelona harbour, Montjuic and Tibidabo.

Mediterranean cusine specialised in seafood. A reasonably-priced lunch menu is available during the week. Cafeteria service is also offered during museum hours. A great place to admire the city with a coffee.


  • Address: Plaza Pau Vila, 3
    4th Floor, Attic
    08039 Barcelona
  • Directions: Metro: L4 Barceloneta
  • Prices (restaurant): 31 to 40
  • Open: Tuesday-Saturday
  • Telephone: 93 225 5007

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