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The next morning I was met in Palmyra by Ahmed Abdullah from the Badia Centre for an early morning visit, courtesy of the park authorities. The park is trying hard to protect Syria’s biodiversity which has taken a hammering in the last 50 years and it covers some 220 square kilometers of range/steppe land and is also home to an important herd of captive Oryx and Goitered Gazelle. The first Goitred Gazelles had been reintroduced to the Syrian wild a few days before my visit, and plans were underway to release Oryx.

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Its bird life is particularly interesting and offers a chance to see Palearctic rarities such as Bald Ibis and Iraq Babbler, as well as an excellent range of desert specialists and waterbirds. Desert birds such as Temminck’s Horned Lark & Isabelline Wheatear. A diverse array of migrant birds including six species of shrike, 15 species of warbler, hirundines & up to 20 species of raptor, plus Eurasian & Blue-cheeked Bee-eaters