Wildlife of Egypt

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The biodiversity of Egypt –  lots of information here

Egypt has a rich and diverse wildlife that reflects the country’s unique position at the junction of three major zoogeographic zones, with species from each of these geographic realms represented. Mediterranean and Saharo-Sindian species form the largest component, with small numbers of Irano-Turanian and Afrotropical species that remain from past wetter ages. The wide range of ecosystems also influences diversity. Only a few species are endemic to Egypt, but a number are restricted to Egypt and neighboring countries

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From the colorful shores of the Nile River to the majestic Red Sea, the land of Egypt teems with animal life, much of it rarely seen by the outside world

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Reptiles and amphibians of Egypt

There are 106 species of Reptilia and Amphibia in Egypt; six are endemic and one, the Egyptian Tortoise, is endangered. The most numerous reptiles are the 49 species of lizards; of these the largest group is the Gekkonidae. Among the 36 snake species, nine are poisonous and a further nine are rear-fanged snakes that are also poisonous although they are less of a risk for humans due to the necessity of getting part of the victim to the back of their jaws in order to inject venom

Egypt wildlife in need of protection

Egypt has a rich biodiversity and a vast number of animal species found on its soil. But in spite of this richness, Egypt’s wildlife is threatened by ongoing smuggling and illegal hunting, while captive animals suffer from a range of ill treatment that goes ignored by officials.

Wildlife of Egypt – Wikipedia

Egypt has some 300 types of birds, with about half of them being breeding species within the country. Wild animals are few, except for the hyena, lynx, mongoose, and wild boar, the last-named inhabiting the Nile Delta.The Egyptian Wolf is rare and endangered canid, inhabits the a few remote regions. BLanford’s fox occur in Sinai Peninsula. The ibex may be found in the Sinai, and gazelles in the deserts.