Birdwatching in Syria

Sociable Lapwing (Wikipedia)

Syrian hunters put sociable lapwing under threat

A research team led by the RSPB and the Syrian Society for Conservation of Wildlife has discovered that birds passing through and wintering in this key area are being targeted by hunters. Fortunately the team has managed to alert the Syrian government, and rangers have negotiated with the hunters to persuade them not to shoot these rare and beautiful birds. With luck the lapwings will now be able to stop over in Syria without coming to further harm.

Northern bald ibis return to Syria The rarest birds in the Middle East are returning to breeding grounds after being fitted with satellite tags to unveil the mystery of their migration journey.

Syrian Society for Conservation of Wildlife SSCW is a pioneering organization that works for a sustainable wildlife within a frame of solid relations and partnerships to the development of the society. In addition to monitoring Sociable Lapwings on migration SSCW also leads conservation for the Critically Endangered Northern Bald Ibis in Syria.

Migrating flocks arrive in Syria Migrating Sociable Lapwings are now passing through Syria.

Syria 2007: Report of a Sociable Lapwing Survey Very interesting

Between 18 February – 5 March 2007 a team consisting of Dutch and Syrian birdwatchers surveyed wetlands and fields in approximately the northern half of Syria on the presence of this species. Here, many hundreds were found. After this date, two team members stayed in the area holding the highest numbers until 26 March, when all Sociable Lapwings had left.