Can Lluis restaurant

 At 49 Carrer de la Cera is the excellent Can Lluís. Opened more than a hundred years, in its early years it earned its nickname of Can Mosques (House of Flies) as the cod for sale outside would attract swarms, but over the years it has gained a reputation as one of the essential points in the Barcelona eating scene, and became under Franco a meeting place for the arts and the political discussion, which has continued to this day. Being in the heart of gypsy Barcelona, in 1960s it also became a focal point for rumba catalana with impromtu sessions involving El Peret, master of the genre.

On Jan. 26, 1946, a man and woman, both anarchists, were eating here with their young son, when the Guardia Civil burst in demanding documents. The woman took a grenade from her pocket and threw it. Tragically, the restaurant owner and his son were killed. To this day a small indentation in the ground can be seen, with a dedication by the late Manuel Vázquez Montalbán who often frequented Can Lluis, as did his  detective alter ego Carvallo. His favourite was Alcoi rice and roasted goat shoulder, both of whch are delicious. Other recommend dishes include lamb shoulder and grilled squid

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