Saloum Delta National Park

La Petite Cote en tandem avec Pauline by Jean-Marc Liotier.

Saloum Delta National Park is a 76,000 – hectare national park in Senegal within the delta of the Sine and Saloum rivers. Photo of great white egret by by Jean-Marc Liotier on Flickr.

Saloum Delta National Park

The park, which is also a Ramsar Convention site, lies within a 180,000-hectare biosphere reserve. Waters comprise 61,000 hectares of the park, intertidal mangroves and saltwater vegetation cover 7,000 hectares, and savanna and forest cover 8,000 hectares. It lies on the East Atlantic Flyway. The bird species that breed or winter in the area include Royal Tern, Greater Flamingo, Eurasian Spoonbill, Curlew Sandpiper, Ruddy Turnstone, and Little Stint.

BirdLife IBA Factsheet – Delta du Saloum

The site is important for a very wide variety of waterbirds and seabirds, some occurring in large congregations. The marine and coastal zone, and particularly the sandbars and islands, are of huge importance for breeding terns and gulls.

Biosphere Reserve Information – DELTA DU SALOUM

This biosphere reserve and national park is situated in the Delta of the seasonal Sine and Saloum rivers about 150 km south-east of Dakar. The biosphere reserve comprises 72,000 hectares marine areas, 23,000 hectares of flooded areas, and 85,000 hectares of terrestrial islands. Mangroves are dominant, but sand dunes, open forest on sandy soils, coastal waters and sand islands also characterize the area.

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